Why Personal Development?

I thought I would take a moment to give you a little history on how I got here, to this blog, to wanting to become a life coach.

It all started (damn I sound old) when I opened my mind to Beachbody coaching. Nope, I’m not selling you on anything, I am no longer selling the product. I had wanted to workout but couldn’t find anything that called to me. Then a friend introduced me and I signed up. I signed up as a coach because I saw the earning potential and the Facebook profiles of some of the top coaches. One of the main suggestions to be a successful coach is to do personal development.

I had been against even considering a self-help book ALL of my life. I was of the opinion that I may be a fucking mess, but I don’t need psychologists telling me how to live my life. They don’t know me. But, I wanted to be a successful Beachbody coach so I gave it a shot. The first two books I read were You are a Badass by Jen Sincero and #GIRLBOSS by  Sophia Amoruso. They had me hooked. They were relatable and not filled with scientific jargon that made me feel stupid.

I kept reading and listening to more and more of these books. I started listening to podcasts. I dug in and really started learning and working on my own growth. I had a different blog at the time and I did a lot of posts on social media to meet what was being taught as was required to get customers.

Then life changed, infertility hit and I decided to quit coaching. I read/listened less often and leaned into the emotions and pain that accompanied infertility and the treatments we chose to do. I was in this place for a couple years and they were difficult years.

Then after a particularly boozy Christmas in 2018 and talking with one of my best friends, I started making goals for 2019. I dug deep and I really looked into what I wanted life to be. I started following Rachel Hollis more closely, I leaned into the overlanding and offroading community that I was becoming part of. I started following a local overlander/off-roader that I heard speak at the local off-road expo. I started reading and listening to personal development again.

I knew there was more out there for me. I knew I felt so much better with my emotions when I worked on healing. So that’s why I turned back to personal development. I had recently gone to therapy, but I honestly felt worse after I left. When I would talk about someone who was causing me a lot of emotional pain, she completely validated and expanded that feeling and told me to remove that person from my life. Not possible this time. And in my heart, I knew that wasn’t the answer.

I keep coming back to personal development because I keep reading and listening to advice from people who I can relate to. I don’t read just any book because it has a catchy title or is best selling. I choose books based on previous authors I’ve related too and the content. I don’t just read headlines. I need to read a chunk or listen to the sample before I can commit.

I signed up for life coaching to really dig deep this year and it has changed my life. Personal development, self-help, whatever you want to call it, it isn’t as crazy as I once thought it was. I gave it a shot, twice, and it has changed my life. I am healing from the inside out and it feels so good.

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